Gift Policy

Mossey Library views gifts in kind as an important adjunct to the acquisitions program. The Library is grateful for contributions, and recognizes the potential for gift materials to play a significant role in collection growth and development. However, since the acceptance of such gifts has a significant impact on library space, processing costs, and procedures, the library asks that the following be observed.

It is the policy of Mossey Library to accept material gifts with the understanding that upon receipt, the gifts become the property of Hillsdale College. Mossey Library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, housing, circulation, classification, and other considerations relating to the use or disposition of all material gifts. The appraisal of material gifts to Mossey Library is the legal responsibility of the donor, since the Internal Revenue Service considers a recipient library to be an interested party, and, therefore, an inappropriate appraiser. Mossey Library and Hillsdale College can assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the donor’s appraisal of the gift items.

Mossey Library is happy to accept gifts of subscriptions to print journals and electronic resources, provided the content supports the Hillsdale College curriculum. Acceptance of subscription gifts, retention of received issues, and continuation of subscriptions, remain at the discretion of the library. Shelves displaying print issues from subscription gifts will designate the donation, and will include the name of the donor unless the donor prefers to remain anonymous.

Final acceptance of gifts will require the completion of the Mossey Library Donor Record Form.  Acknowledgement of all gifts will be furnished in writing by the college, with a description of the donation, should the donor need it for income, estate, or other tax purpose.

See also: Mossey Library Collection Development Policy.

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