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Audio-Visual Materials

How are the DVDs organized? How can I find a movie?

DVDs are organized by accession number. The higher the number, the newer the item. If browsing for newer movies, this order may help, as newer movies are likely at the end of the DVDs. If looking for movies by title, genre, or any other classification, the catalog will be helpful.

Where are the Books on CD?

Books on CD are interfiled with other CDs in the AV section on the first floor. If there is material accompanying the CD, it will be located in Oversized CDs.




Can I check out books from the browsing section?

Yes, items in the browsing section are available for checkout.

Can I check out reference books?

No, reference books may not be checked out, but may be used in the Library.

How do the call numbers work?

Please refer to the guide to Library of Congress classification.

How do I get into the locked shelves?

Contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian for help with items in the locked shelves.

Where is the browsing section?

The browsing section is around the outside of the Dow Special Collections Room, behind the Reference and AV areas on the first floor.

Where are the "free book" shelves?

The "free book" shelves are next to the copy machine area, behind the reference desk on the first floor.

Where is the PZ section?

The PZ section is the Children's Literature section, and thus, is separated from the normal sequence of shelves. It is on the second floor at the beginning of the range of shelves to the left as you descend the front stairs, between the individual study rooms and the oversize section.

Where are the reference books?

Reference books are on the first floor, to the left of the computer area as you enter the Library.



Journals and Articles

Can I check out a periodical?

No, periodicals may not be checked out, but may be used in the Library.



MeLCat and ILL

When will the item I requested through MeLCat get here?

You are sent an email confirmation when your item arrives.



Office Supplies

Do you have staplers, and where are they?

Yes, staplers are located at the right side of the circulation desk, near the elevator.

Do you have hole punches, and where are they?

Yes, hole punches are located at the right side of the circulation desk, near the elevator.



Printing, Scanning, Copying

How do I scan and send something to myself?

Please refer to the Printing, Scanning, Copying page.

Where can I find the copiers?

The main copiers are located behind the reference desk on the first floor. Please refer to the Printing, Scanning, Copying page for a complete list of copier locations.



Recommend and Donate

How do I recommend an item for the Library?

Email the Library.

Do you accept gifts of books, DVDs, CDs, or other items?

Please refer to the Gift Policy page.




How do I renew items?

You can renew items online through your library account.

What materials can I renew?

All materials may be renewed except for materials with holds and materials on which you owe fines.

How many times can I renew MeLCat or ILL items?

MeLCat items may only be renewed one time. If an item is needed beyond that renewal period, you should request another copy. Renewal of ILL items depends on the lending library. Check with the ILL office one week before the due date.

How many times can I renew Mossey Library items?

Items may be renewed for additional periods if no one else has requested and placed a hold on them.



Can you answer my question about...?

...the Constitution or other subjects related to American politics and history?

The librarians are best equipped to help you find appropriate resources and answer questions about the research process and information environment. Thus, though Hillsdale College is known for some subjects such as the Constitution, the librarians will, in most cases, forward such questions to professors or other staff more knowledgeable about those subjects. However, if you question is about resources, research, or information, they will gladly help. If your question is about the online courses, please email [email protected]

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