Using Other Michigan Libraries

Individual faculty research may require the use of resources not owned or subscribed to by Mossey Library. Though you may request materials through both MeLCat and ILL, sometimes research must be done in person. This page describes the faculty library privileges available at other Michigan libraries.

MeLCat Visiting Patron Service

Mossey Library participates in the MeLCat Visiting Patron Service, which allows you to go to another library that also participates in this service and check out available materials in person. To find out if a Michigan library participates in Visiting Patron Service, please go the Participating MeLCat Libraries list.

When you bring the materials to the circulation desk you will use your Hillsdale College Faculty ID to check them out. These materials will be listed on your library account for you to check on the due dates and request renewals. You may return materials to the library from which you checked them out or to Mossey Library. We will send them back to the lending library.

Michigan State University Libraries

MSU participates as a Michigan eLibrary (MeL) visiting patron lender. If you are visiting their campus library, you may use your Hillsdale College Faculty ID to check out materials. Access to MSU electronic resources requires an MSU ID login. Computers next to the reference desk and those in the Beaumont Instruction Room don't require a login. Those workstations only connect to MSU Library-selected resources, but not to sites like Yahoo, Amazon, Google, etc. Printing is restricted to individuals with an MSU ID login, so items you may need to save and print should be saved to a USB/flash drive disk. For further assistance, inquire at the MSU reference desk or ask to speak to the circulation desk supervisor for "guest access."

University of Michigan Libraries

The process for obtaining a guest card involves a short visit to Graduate Library Circulation, Room 104, Hatcher North to complete the application for a guest card after presenting your Hillsdale College Faculty ID. Guest privileges are good for one calendar year, after which they will need to be renewed. Access to U-M electronic resources is limited to on-site visits only. Further information is available on the  University of Michigan Libraries website.


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