Heritage Room Use Policy

  • The primary purpose of the Richardson Heritage Room is to facilitate study and research using library resources.
  • The Richardson Heritage Room is most appropriate for study and research by individuals, very small classes and seminars, and for brief tours by larger classes.
  • Due to the monetary and cultural value of the contents of the room, the library may not accept reservations for groups meeting for purposes unrelated to the documents in the room.
  • The room may be used by the librarians for library instruction classes and library related activities.   
  • The room may also be used for college related activities of an academic or scholarly nature.   
  • Groups or classes meeting on a regular basis may not use the Richardson Heritage Room. Recurrent meetings will not be permitted in the room. On occasion, an exception to this may be granted when a college related academic or scholarly activity appropriate for the room can be scheduled to meet there without causing significant disruption of the room’s primary purpose.   
  • The Richardson Heritage Room must be reserved in advance through Ms. Lori Kirby, lkirby@hillsdale.edu or (517) 607-2400, for any of the above approved group-use purposes.
  • Group user responsibilities:
    • The users are responsible for setting the room up for their needs.
    • The users must put all furniture back in its original location when finished with the room. The large center table should only be moved when absolutely necessary, and with prior, specific permission.
    • The users need to provide all of their own presentation equipment if required, except for a podium, which the library will provide. If the users are unable to provide presentation equipment, then they should consider the Grewcock Formal Lounge, Lane Hall classrooms, or Kendall Hall classrooms as locations for their program, since these venues are better prepared for this type of use.
    • Food and beverage service is not appropriate in most cases. Exceptions must be approved before the room is scheduled.
    • The users are responsible for cleaning up the room when finished.
    • Users have 1/2 hour before their event to set up and 1/2 hour following their event to clean up and reset the room.
    • The library will provide extra chairs for the users to arrange as they wish.

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