Information for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff Borrowing Policies

You must have your Hillsdale College ID card to check out materials from the Library. Bring materials to the circulation desk located near the exit.

Books are due at the end of each term (Summer, Fall, and Spring) and can be renewed twice. After two renewals, items must be brought back to the circulation desk to be checked in and checked back out, if the item is still needed. Audiovisual (AV) materials, including Blu-ray, DVDs, CDs, VHS, and audiotapes, are due back in 7 days. Spoken Word CDs (audiobooks) are given the same due date as books. Items are subject to recall if someone else needs the material.

Any spouse may receive his or her own library card. Books are due back in 21 days and AV materials in 7 days.

Library Instruction and Research Services

Librarians are available to give library instruction to classes. Instruction can be conducted in the library or in the classroom, and the presentation is tailored to the specific assignment of the class. Contact Public Service Librarians Brenna Wade  or George Allen to schedule a library instruction session for your class. For library instruction that includes materials from our archives and special collections, contact the Archives and Special Collections Librarian, Lori Curtis.  For more information on library instruction, check out our LibGuide

Librarians can also provide one on one research consultations for students,  and we can also assist faculty with research questions and tracking down difficult to locate sources. 

MeLCat and ILL

For materials not owned by Mossey Library or owned but not available, faculty are encouraged to use MeLCat and ILL. More information about these services and ILL request forms are available at the previous link.

Institutional Repository

The Hillsdale College Research Repository collects faculty research output as well as student work such as theses and presented papers. Every faculty member should have a profile, but profiles display publicly only when there are citations or documents attached. You can update your profile by logging in with your Hillsdale College user name and password, and you can add any citations and open access materials that are not already included. Some items are automatically added to researcher profiles, but the process is not perfect, and manually adding items is the best way to ensure that all relevant items are listed. If you have any questions about the Hillsdale College Research Repository, please contact Brenna Wade.

Place Items on Reserve

Mossey Library has a textbook reserves collection that includes most of the books required for classes at Hillsdale College. Professors can also put library books, AV materials, photocopies of articles, and personal items on reserve at the circulation desk. The check-out period may be 3 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours. The 3 hour items may be restricted to library use only or allowed out of the library overnight if checked out less than 3 hours before closing. To place items on reserve, contact Colleen Ladd. 

Reserve materials are processed during the business day. Please give the staff at least 24 hours to process reserve materials before students need to use the materials.

Request an Item For Purchase

The librarians at Mossey Library devote much of their time to developing the collection, regularly consulting current review literature to find relevant materials. However, we also rely heavily on the recommendations of the faculty to ensure the most appropriate level of coverage in all subject areas. To recommend an item for purchase, email Aaron Kilgore.

Request a Journal/Serial or Electronic Resource

Mossey Library endeavors to provide a robust collection of journals, serial publications, and electronic resources (databases) to support all faculty departments. If you have questions about our journal/serial or electronic holdings, please contact Brandon Hugo

Archives and Special Collections

Mossey Library has many archival and special collections. More information is available on the About Archives and Special Collection page.  Materials may be viewed by appointment in the Archives Reading Room or as part of a scheduled presentation to a class. Contact the Archivist and Special Collections Librarian, Lori Curtis, for more information. To schedule an appointment or presentation involving materials from the Alwin C. Carus Coin Collection, contact Sarah Gilchrist, Library Technician, Carus Coin Collection.

Room Reservations

Mossey Library has three rooms that can be reserved on occasion. The Read Seminar Room seats around 15 and can be reserved for regular classes. The Heritage Room and the Ludwig von Mises Room can occasionally be reserved for campus events. The Heritage Room policy is available here. To reserve a room in the library, contact Lori Kirby

General Information

For general inquiries, please contact [email protected].

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