Printing, Scanning, Copying


Printing, scanning, and copying are important functions for homework and research. This page addresses some of the most common questions encountered with these tasks, including:

Where are the...


Most of the printers are on the First Floor. The 2 black and white printers (LIBREFXB) are next to the rows of public computers. The color printers (LIBREFXC) are behind the Reference Desk. On the Third Floor, there is a printer at the kiosk near the back stairs (LIBREFX3).


All of the public printers have scanning capability.


The library does not have public copying available at this time. Library users are encouraged to scan documents and print them if physical copies are required.


Do These Services Cost?


All printing, including color printing, and scanning is free. 


Special Instructions

Color Printing:

Choose LIBREFXC as your printer.

Wireless Printing:

For instructions on how to print wirelessly, please set up a print device

To access advanced features, like selecting a specific tray, download the drivers for the specific machines

LIBREFXB (Black and White)


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