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Library News

MeLCat Temporarily Unavailable

MeLCat at Mossey Library is temporarily unavailable due to a library system migration. MeLCat access will hopefully be available sometime this fall. In the meantime, requests can be filled through interlibrary loan, or you can use MeLCat through your public library.

New Databases

Service Newspapers of WWII

Mossey Library now has access to the Service Newspapers of WWII, which includes around 300 titles published during the war and its immediate aftermath (1939-1948). Titles from all the key theatres are featured, including some non-English material in German, Czech, Hindi Russian, French, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Swahili, and African dialects.

Sabin Americana: History and Culture 1500-1926

Sabin Americana: History and Culture 1500-1926 includes primary sources on all aspects of American history and culture. It touches upon the political and religious life in North America and at times South American and the Caribbean. It features American and European views o fthe colonization of the Americas, the American Revolution, the early republic and Jacksonian period, antebellum period, Civil War, Reconstruction, settlement of the West, and the onset of the Gilded Age. This resource includes pamphlets, tracts, memoirs, congressional legislation, correspondence, broadsides, biographies, historie, fiction, poetry, eulogies, sermons,, and other genres.

Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics

The Encyclopedia of Ancient Greek Language and Linguistics brings together the latest research from a range of disciplines that contributes to the knowledge of Ancient Greek.

Papers of Woodrow Wilson

This collection includes the papers of Woodrow Wilson from 1856-1924.







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