Printing, Scanning, Copying

Printing, scanning, and copying are important functions for homework and research. This page addresses some of the most common questions encountered with these tasks, including:

Where are the...




Do these services cost?

Special Instructions

Color Printing

Wireless Printing

Scanning to Email

Printing on the Second Floor

Where are the...


Most of the printers are on the First Floor. LIBKIOSKX55 and LIBREFX55 are located between the kiosk computers and the workstation computers. LIBREFX7830A and LIBREFX7830B (the color printers) are behind the Reference Desk.

On the Second Floor, there are two printers, one at each kiosk. One is near the front stairs and another is near the back stairs.

On the Third Floor, there is a printer at the kiosk near the back stairs.


The library has 2 scanners, LIBREFX7830A and LIBREFX7830B, located behind the Reference Desk, near the entrance to the Heritage Room.


There are four available copiers. On the First Floor, the 2 scanners also work as copiers and are located behind the Reference Desk. On the Third Floor, the Lanier machine is located at the kiosk near the back stairs.

Do These Services Cost?

All printing, including color printing, and scanning is free. On the First floor, black and white copying costs 15 cents per job. Black and white copying on the Third Floor is free. Color copying at LIBREFX7830A and LIBREFX7830B costs 25 cents per job.

Special Instructions

Color Printing:

Choose LIBREFX7830A or LIBREFX7830B as your printer.

Wireless Printing:

For Windows Clients

1.       Install the Apple Bonjour Printer drivers:

2.       Install the Xerox Global Print driver:

3.       Install the PaperCut NG client:

4.       Run the PaperCut NG Client software

a.       Extract the files from the ZIP file downloaded in step 3.

b.      Double-click the client-local-install.exe

c.       Click Run or Yes if a Security Warning message appears.

d.      Click Next at the License Agreement and Destination Location windows when prompted.

e.      Select Local Install (For all users) at the Select Components window (if not already selected).

f.        Click Install.   (Wait for the short install to complete.)

g.       Select Launch client and verify my identity (Recommended) at the Finish window after the install has completed.

h.      Click Finish.  PaperCut will launch.

i.         Log in with your Hillsdale account and password.


For Mac OS X Clients

1.       Install the PaperCut NG Client:

2.       Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop.

3.       Click System Preferences.

4.       Click Printers & Scanners (may be called Print and Scan).

5.       Click the + symbol to add a printer.

6.       Locate the desired printer. Printers are labeled with a name. (You can filter the list by typing “airprint” into the Search bar at the top of the Add Printer window.)

7.       Click the printer name you wish to add and click Add.  In Mossey, LIBREFX7830A and LIBREFX7830B are currently the most reliable.

8.       Close the open printer window.  You can now use your device with the printer selected.

9.       Add to your Startup items to ensure that you will not have to open the PaperCut client when you log in to your computer. Follow the Add or remote automatic items instructions:


For iOS Clients

Print to LIBREFX7830A or LIBREFX7830B.

Printing on the Second Floor:

The second floor printers are each connected to only one of the two computers at the kiosk. If you need to print on the second floor, please use LIBKIOSK10 near the front stairs and LIBKIOSK12 near the back stairs.