Professor of the Year

To be named a Hillsdale College Professor of the Year, educators must demonstrate exceptional character and teaching excellence, availability and generosity in their work with students outside the classroom, community support and good citizenship through involvement in campus and community organizations and events. Professors are nominated by students through a signed letter of recommendation.

Professors of the Year

1956    Dr. Windsor Roberts
1957    Dr. William Sherman
1958    Dr.John Catenhusen
1959    Professor Edwyn Hames &Vivian Lyon Moore
1960    Dr. Silas Anderson
1961    Professor Leland Cross
1962    Professor R. Joy Stewart
1963    Dr. Windsor Roberts (posthumously)
1964    Professor A. Applegate
1965    Dr. James Ryan
1966    Professor Norman Welling
1967    Dr. Edwin Dike
1968    Dr. John Catenhusen
1969    Dr. James King
1970    Professor William Terman
1971    Professor Grace Nichols
1972    Dr. Donald Toczek
1973    Dr. John Sparks
1974    Dr. John Catenhusen
1975    Dr. Robert Rice
1976    Dr. Febes Facey
1977    Dr. James King
1978    Dr. Edward Facey
1979    Dr. Louis Pitchford
1980    Professor Judd Patton
1981    Dr. Rodler Morris
1982    Dr. John Willson
1983    Dr. James King
1984    Professor Arlan Gilbert and Dr. Robert Blackstock
1985    Dr. Robert Rice
1986    Professor Mark Watson
1987    Dr. James Juroe
1988    Dr. Thomas Burke
1989    Dr. Thomas Conner
1990    Dr. Robert Blackstock
1991    Dr. John Willson
1992    Dr. Michael Bauman
1993    Dr. Peter Olson
1994    Dr. Robert Rice and Dr. Febes Facey
1995    Dr. Mickey Craig
1996    Dr. Chris VanOrman
1997    Dr. Thomas Carstens/Dr. Samuel Townsend
1998    Dr. Michael Shaub
1999    Dr. Thomas Conner
2000    Dr. Ken Calvert
2001    Dr. John Willson
2002    Dr. Chris VanOrman
2003    Dr. Brad Birzer
2004    Dr. Gary Wolfram
2005    Dr. Don Toczek
2006    Dr. Stephen Smith
2007    Dr. David Paas
2008    Dr. Thomas Conner
2009    Dr. Thomas Krannawitter
2010    Dr. Nikolai Wenzel
2011    Dr. Justin Jackson
2012    Dr. Donald Turner
2013    Dr. Daniel Coupland
2014    Dr. Robert Blackstock
2015    Dr. Matthew Gaetano
2016    Dr. Thomas Conner
2017    Dr. Collin Barnes
2018    Dr. Adam Carrington
2019    Dr. Lee Ann Baron
2020    Dr. Benedict Whalen
2021    Dr. Peter Jennings
2022    Dr. Matthew Gaetano
2023    Dr. Collin Barnes

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