The Emily Daugherty Award for Teaching Excellence  

The late Emily Daugherty, who taught in elementary and secondary schools, personified the finest traditions of the teaching profession and devoted her life to transmitting knowledge, wisdom, and virtue to her students. Hillsdale Associate Susan McNear, of San Anselmo, California, Emily Daugherty’s granddaughter, wished to honor both her grandmother’s legacy and the dedication and commitment of the Hillsdale faculty. Accordingly, she endowed the Emily Daugherty Award for Teaching Excellence, annual monetary prizes given to an untenured assistant professor, a tenured associate or full professor, and their academic departments.  Daugherty Award recipients must demonstrate mastery of their disciplines, dedication to their profession, commitment to student learning, exceptional academic advising, rigorous scholarly standards, and overall contributions to the College community. Hillsdale College gratefully bestows the Emily Daugherty Award as a tribute both to Mrs. Daugherty and to its outstanding faculty. 

Daugherty Award Recipients

Spring 1997  Dr. Lee Ann Fisher Baron & Dr. David Whalen
1997–1998 Dr. David Jones | Dr. Dan Sundahl
1998-1999 Prof. James Holleman | Prof. Sam Knecht
1999-2000 Dr. Ken Calvert | Dr. Ken Hayes
2000-2001 Dr. Joseph Garnjobst | Dr. Charles Ransford
2001-2002 Dr. Brad Birzer | Dr. John Boardman
2002-2003 Dr. Robert Rathmell | Dr. Thomas Conner
2003-2004 Dr. Mark Nussbaum | Dr. John Willson
2004-2005 Dr. Kirstin Kiledal | Dr. Frank Steiner
2005-2006 Dr. Will Morrisey | Prof. Don Westblade
2006-2007 Dr. Stephen Smith | Dr. David Jones
2007-2008 Dr. Richard Gamble | Dr. Eberhard Geyer
2008-2009 Dr. Justin Jackson | Dr. Christopher VanOrman
2009-2010 Dr. Samuel Webster | Dr. James Stephens
2010-2011 Dr. Terrence Moore | Dr. Gary Wolfram
2011-2012 Dr. Patricia Bart | Dr. Paul Rahe
2012-2013 Dr. Matthew Young | Dr. Melissa Knecht
2013-2014 Dr. Fred Yaniga | Prof. Robert Blackstock
2014-2015 Dr. Lorraine Eadie | Dr. Ellen Justice-Templeton
2015-2016 Dr. Matthew Gaetano | Prof. Barbara Bushey
2016-2017 Dr. Dwight Lindley | Dr. Daniel Coupland
2017-2018 Dr. Courtney Meyet | Dr. Nathan Schlueter
2018-2019 Dr. David Gaebler | Dr. Mark Kalthoff
2019-2020 Dr. Stephen Naumann | Dr. David Stewart
2020-2021 Dr. Timothy Dolch | Dr. Thomas Treloar
2021-2022 Dr. James Strasburg | Dr. Eric Hutchinson
2022-2023 Dr. Julio Suarez | Dr. Paul Hosmer
2023-2024 Dr. Anna Vincenzi

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