Lost or Damaged Materials Policy


When an item from the Mossey Library collections is determined to be lost or declared by library staff to be damaged beyond the point of usability in the library collection, the patron who has it checked out is expected to reimburse the library according to the following guidelines:

  • For titles that are in print and readily available for purchase, the replacement cost charged to the patron will be no more than the full publisher's list price of the item.  If the title is out of print, the patron will be charged the current market price for used copies.  This price will be determined by consulting used book dealers such as those represented on Alibris.com, Amazon.com, and Ebay.com.  If no used copies are available for purchase, or if the copies available are not in suitable condition for addition to the Library's collection, the library staff will determine a reasonable price based on all information available concerning the title.  Faculty, students, and staff may present a purchased new copy for approval by a librarian as a replacement in lieu of paying the replacement cost.  Only materials meeting the guidelines specified in the Mossey Library Policy for Accepting Purchased Materials as Replacements for Lost or Damaged Items will be accepted.
  • The replacement cost for books will normally be for a hardcover copy.  If the title is available only in paperback format, the patron will be charged the $7.00 bindery fee the library pays to an outside binder for binding of these materials.
  • The patron must pay a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee per item.
  • The patron must pay any outstanding fines due on each lost item.  All fines are non-refundable.
  • The total of the current item cost, bindery cost, processing fee, and overdue fine will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

Full refund of the replacement cost of an item (including bindery charge for a paperback and processing fee) will be granted if the book is returned before it has been replaced by the Library.

An example of this policy follows:

List price of paperback:                         $12.95

Bindery cost:                                            $7.00

Processing fee:                                         $5.00

Overdue fine:                                           $10.00

             Subtotal:                                      $33.90

             Total owed by patron:              $34.00

NOTE:  If a damaged book is returned to the stacks, a note will be added to the item record indicating the damage and the date, and indicating whether or not a patron was charged for it.  The name of the patron will not be included in the note.