Choice Reviews

Before using Choice Reviews Online, disable pop-up blocking on your browser. (In Internet Explorer, go to “Tools”, click on pop-up blocker, and turn off. If you have a Google toolbar, you may also need to disable pop-up blocking there.) Use of print, email, and download functions depends on pop-ups.

Follow these steps to access Choice reviews:

Go to
•    If you have not created a Choice "profile" previously, click on "Register here" to do so.
•    Log in with your Choice username and password.
•    SELECT an issue from the list on the left side of the screen.
•    In the center of the screen, select the subject area you wish to view.
•    At the top of the results screen, change the DISPLAY option to FULL TEXT.
•    To recommend a title, check the box at the beginning of the individual review. When you get to the bottom of the page (or end of the reviews), click on VIEW SELECTED ITEMS. This will give you a list of only those titles to be ordered.
•    Click on the EMAIL option at the top (or bottom) of the screen.
•    Send the message to yourself and then forward it to Maurine McCourry ( with any additional comments or information you'd like to include, or send it directly to

Repeat the previous steps for each subject area in which you wish to select.

For help with this or additional assistance, please contact a Mossey Library Technical Services Librarian, Maurine McCourry or Brenna Wade.