Computers are essential to the work you do in the Library, helping you to find and access materials and resources. This is an overview of Mossey Library's computers.

Where are the computers?

Most of the computers are on the first floor: one at the Reference Desk, eight at the kiosks in the foyer area, and fourteen at the computer workstations between the Reference and AV collections. There are four computers on the second floor: two at the kiosk near the front stairs and two at the kiosk near the back stairs. There is one computer on the third floor near the back stairs.

How do I log on?

If a member of the Hillsdale College community, use your college login and password. If a guest, use "library" for both the login and password. Please note: the computer at the Reference Desk is always logged in for research use only.

What software is available on the computers?

The computers are available for research and school work. This is reflected in the available software, which includes a variety of browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome), Microsoft Office 2013, and Adobe Reader.

How do I print from the computers?

Please refer to the Printing, Scanning, Copying page for more information.


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