Our Faculty's Ongoing Research

This series of programs sponsored by Mossey Library entitled "Our Faculty's Ongoing Research," or OFOR, is meant to encourage scholarly communication and dialog across disciplines and across the whole college community.

 Past Our Faculty's Ongoing Research Programs

Dr. ThomasConner: "War and Remembrance: The Story of the American Battle Monuments Commission" (October 2012)
Dr. Jeffrey Van Zant: "The Science of Conservation Genetics" (February 2013)
Dr. Peter Blum: "Not Every Other's Your Mother, or Why We Should Pay More Attention to Freud Than to 'Freudians'" (March 2014)
Dr. Maurine McCourry: "The Ethics of Access Points and Other Things That Drive Librarians to Research" (November 2014)
Dr. Mathew Fuerst: "My Compositional Process" (March 2015)
Dr. Matthew Gaetano and Dr. Jordan Wales: "Grace and the Law of Christ: Opposition to Pelagianism in Augustine, Aquinas, and Luther" (November 2015)
Dr. David Murphy: "Stacks: Cataloging the Language of the Universe" (March, 2016)
Dr. Benjamin Whalen: "Civil Blood Makes Civil Hands Unclean: Friar Laurence, Confession, and the Ancient Grudge in Romeo and Juliet" (October, 2016)
Dr. Melissa Knecht: "Cows, Chess, and Musical Expertise" (April, 2017)
Dr. Silas Johnson: "Genetic Engineering of Living Cells Using CRISPR/Cas: Laboratory Tales from the Age of Designer Babies and WMD’s" (October, 2017)
Dr. Patricia Bart: "Doing Math on English: Scribal Profiling in a 600-year-old Cold Case" (March, 2018)
Prof. Donald Westblade: "Israel, Zionism, and America at the Balfour Centennial" (September, 2018)
Librarian Daniel Knoch: "A Researching Life; Reflections on a life of Librarianship from 1976 – present." (March, 2019)
Dr. Timothy Dolch: "The Surprising Beauty of Pulsar Wind Nebulae in Astronomy, and Their Choreographic Implications" (November, 2019)
Dr. Katia Sherman: "Cervantes’s Challenge of Uncertainty: Embracing Irony, Ambiguity, and Hybridity in an Unparalleled Fictional World (February, 2020)
Dr. Khalil Habib: "Liberty and Empire and National Interest" (October, 2020)
Dr. Kelli Kazmier: "Drug Addiction at the Atomic Level" (March, 2020)

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