Our Faculty After Hours

This series of programs sponsored by the Mossey Library entitled "Our Faculty, After Hours," or OFAH, is meant to highlight the many interesting and creative things which our faculty does "after hours," in addition to their scholarship.

Past Our Faculty After Hours Programs:

Dr. David Murphy on "Howard Pyle, American Illustrator and Author of Robin Hood, The Knights of the Round Table, and Men of Iron" (February 2014)
Dr. Paul Hosmer on "Visiting the Wilderness by [Horseless] Carriage: Adventures in Southern Michigan from DeTocqueville to Detroit" (November 2013)
Dr. Michael Jordan on "Escaping the Cyclops That Holds the Modern Family Hostage" (November 2012)
Assistant to the Provost Mark Maier on "Honeymooning in Milledgeville and Other Literary Travels" (Febrary 2012)
Dr. Mark Nussbaum on "A Redhead in Ireland or Take this Sabbatical and Cork It" (September 2011)
Dr. Peter Blum on “How the Amish Are Just Like Us” (February 2011)
Dr. Barbara Bushey on "From Inspiration to Fulfillment: Past Present Future" (November 2010)
Dr. Richard Gamble on “Echoes of World War I: Walking the Trenches of Verdun” (February 2010)
Dr. Somerville's on “Above Us Only Sky”?: Ordeal and Meaning in Walker Percy, Flannery O’Connor, Richard Ford, and Don Delillo (September 2009)
Dr. Ranessa Cooper on “The Botany of Running” (February, 2009)
Dr. James Brandon on I Am “Iron Man”: Life, Liberty, & Comic Book Enthusiasm in the Heartland (September 2008)
Dr. Mike Sweeney on "Touring on Two Wheels" (February, 2008)
Dr. Don Turner on speculative fiction (October 2007)
Dr. Olga Muniz on Florence, Italy (February 2007)
Dr. Bob Miller on jazz and biology (September 2006)
Dr. James Stephens on the bagpipe (January 2006)
Dr. Marie-Claire Morellec on Brittany, France (February 2005)
Dr. Dan York on the banjo (September 2004)
Dr. Will Morrisey on ferns (February 2004)
Dr. Brad Birzer on J.R.R. Tolkien (September 2003)
Librarian Linda Moore on Antarctica (April 2003)
Dr. Jack Reinoehl on bird watching (October 2002)
Dr. Dan Sundahl on fly fishing (February 2002)
Prof. George Angell on canoe building (November 2001)